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Save Our Dogs The NSW Election 25 March 2023

Save Our Dogs The NSW Election 25 March 2023

The NSW State Election is on Saturday, 25 March 2023 and decisions that are made by Governments can, and have impacted on the interests of our dogs and you, our members, so it is important that your voices are heard.

Last year, the Animal Justice Party (AJP) proposed amendments to the Companion Animals Act which would negatively impact registered dog breeders. This passed in the NSW Government Upper House with the support of Labour and the Greens, but it didn’t go to vote in the Lower House due to parliament finishing for the year.

AJP claim they need votes to keep their seat in the Upper House to make these amendments law. 

YOU can make an impact on the Companion Animals Amendments passing by not voting for AJP at the election or the parties they align with. We encourage you to vote AJP LAST and BELOW THE LINE at the election.

AJP aim to eliminate the number purebred dogs (pushing rescue adoptions), to ban breeding of brachycephalic (short-faced) dogs such as Pugs, French Bulldogs; to reclassify animals as individuals and propose the below amendments to companion animal breeding rules - which lack scientific evidence.

A proprietor of a companion animal breeding business must not breed from a
female dog or cat in the following circumstances: -

(a) dogs must be de-sexed at 6 years old,
(b) if a heritable defect is identified in a previous litter of the dog or cat,
(c) with a dog or cat that is related to the dog or cat by blood.

(d) breeding puppies and kittens can be deemed breeding animals as young as
8 week’s old
(e) Aim to heavily regulate local council laws including breeder registration and fees. However, NSW is the most heavily legislated state in Australia for companion animals. POCTAA 1979, CAA 1998, LGA 1993 and all their supporting legislated Regulations.

You can view the full amendments proposal by clicking here.

Please click here to view the advertising campaign poster.

AJP’s goal is to stop puppy farming, however, further restricting highly regulated legal breeders will not solve this and increase further illegal puppy farming and reduce the amount of purebred dogs.

DOGS NSW is running an #informedvoter campaign, which will be active on our social media and digital platforms and on our website news and updates section as potentially covered in media and we encourage you to share amongst your communities.

To preserve the future of purebred dogs it’s important to identify dog-friendly candidates and use your vote to elect those who will protect the position of responsible dog owners, exhibitors, and breeders of DOGS NSW.

Become an #informedvoter – identify and support parties and candidates who respect you as a responsible purebred dog owner and make your vote count in the upcoming election. Please click here for the 'Questions Guide to ask Political Candidates' (created by Dogs Victoria) to help inform your vote.

While the #informedvoter campaign is intended to support the advocacy work of DOGS NSW on behalf of members with all parties, we also need the support of our members in the lead up to, and on election day.

We will share further information leading up to the election. Please follow and like our social media if you haven’t already.

*PLEASE NOTE: Members are encouraged to circulate this Special Notice as an important message, and to lobby your State members of Parliament regarding the proposed Animal Justice Party (Emma Hurst Puppy Farming Bill).