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National Breed Councils


National breed councils promote, maintain, protect and cherish purebred breeds.

Any organisation formed for the sole purpose of promoting an interest in, or the improvement and development of a specific breed of dog, and/or varieties of that breed, may apply for registration with Dogs Australia as a National Breed Council.

National Breed Councils must comprise of at least two specialised breed clubs, each affiliated with a separate Member Body of Dogs Australia.

Objectives of National Breed Councils include:

  • To encourage and promote the quality of breeding, care, training and exhibition of their breed.
  • To educate and encourage exhibitors, breeders and Judges to abide by the Standard for the Breed as approved by Dogs Australia.
  • To collect, verify and publish information relating to their breed and the breeding and exhibition of their breed.
  • Make application via Dogs Australia for its Member Clubs to conduct National Specialty Championship Shows.

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