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The ANKC Ltd is the coordinating body for its State Member Bodies.

The State Member Bodies comprise, Dogs ACT, Dogs West, Dogs Queensland, Dogs NT, Dogs NSW, Dogs SA, Dogs Tasmania and Dogs Victoria.

The ANKC Ltd was formed in 1958, and is the peak body in Australia responsible for Registered Pure Bred dogs. Registered Breeders who are members of it’s affiliates must abide by the ANKC Ltd Code of Ethics which covers health and welfare considerations which are quite extensive, including adequate maturity for first litter, maximum number of litters that can be bred from a bitch and that there must be adequate time to recover between litters and ensures that the health and physical welfare of their breeding stock is of primary concern.

The ANKC Ltd’s Mission Statement is to promote excellence in breeding, showing, trialling, obedience and other canine related activities and the ownership of temperamentally and physically sound pure bred dogs by responsible individuals across Australia.

To promote responsible dog ownership and encourage State Member Bodies to put in place programs to that effect. To act as spokesperson on all canine related activities on a National basis on behalf of State Member Bodies and to pledge assistance and support to the respective State Member Bodies.

Amongst recent projects has been:

  • Gene Mapping
  • Vaccinations to prevent uterine disease
  • Plasma Products for Transfusion
  • Distribution of genetic mutations associated with degenerative myelopathy
  • Bacterial vaccine against canine pyometra
  • A safety trial of next generation cancer vaccines and targeted IL-15 plasmid therapy
  • Imaging and monitoring osteosarcoma with a novel radiolabelled peptide
  • Biomarkers of canine glaucoma – early detection and disease progression

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