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Trick Dog

In Trick Dog owners/handlers and their dogs learn a variety of skills or tricks in a positive and fun environment.

There is a wide choice of tricks (6 out of 15 for Starter, 8 out of 20 for Novice), so owners/handlers can work to their dog’s strengths, with owners/handlers and dogs of all abilities able to compete.

 As a team, owners/handlers and their dogs begin to compete to gain their Trick Dog Title Starter (TK.S).

  • Novice Class is the next stage and as the dog and handler gain more experience the Tricks are more difficult, and the number of tricks increases to eight.
  • Intermediate Class requires eight tricks for competition and each trick is more difficult in execution and duration.
  • In the Advanced Class the dog is required to perform a selection of ten advanced tricks from a list of 25 trick descriptions.

Rewards such as a treat or a toy may be given after each trick in the Starter and Novice Class and it’s a great introduction for newcomers to competition dog sports. Praising through speech can be given before, during and after all classes.

Developing skills in a range of tricks in trick dog provides an excellent basis for transitioning to Dances with Dogs, or some of the other dog sports.

How long has Trick Dog been in Australia?

Trick Dog became an ANKC sport in January 2020.

What natural instinct does Trick Dog bring out?

As dogs love to play and interact with their owners, training for Trick Dog builds a strong connection and creates enjoyment and satisfaction for owners and their dogs.

What States/Territories is Trick Dog available in?

Trick Dog competitions run in all states except Tasmania, but it is expected to become available in the near future.

How many Trick Dog clubs are there in Australia?

Many of the Dog Training Clubs in all states and territories now conduct Trick Dog training and competitions.

Why get into Trick Dog?

Trick Dog is a great training opportunity and provides both mental stimulation and physical activity and improves the connection between owners and their dogs, channelling their energy into something that is mutually enjoyable and beneficial.

Trick Dog offers flexibility and an opportunity to develop the skills and enjoyment of both dogs and their owners.

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