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Lure Coursing

Lure coursing is a fun sport for breeds that are high energy, independent and have hunting instincts.

Lure coursing was developed in the USA in the 1970s. The original purpose of lure coursing was to assess and preserve the coursing skills of Sighthounds in a safe way without using any live game. By following an artificial lure, Sighthounds can demonstrate their natural ability to work using their sight.

The course pattern is irregular and varies at each event. Plastic bags are pulled around on a nylon string course propelled by a hand-controlled motor.

Participation in lure coursing is open for all breeds. There are two streams, one for Sighthounds and one for all other dogs.

How long has lure coursing been in Australia?

Sighthound fanciers haveĀ participated in lure coursing for many decades. The sport was formally recognised by Dogs Australia in 2015, formerly known as the Australia National Kennel Council (ANKC).

What natural instinct does lure coursing bring out?

Lure coursing brings out the instinct to chase. Triggered by movement, the dogs will follow a plastic lure similar to the way dogs will chase a ball when it is thrown.

What States/Territories is lure coursing available in?

Lure coursing is available in all states and the ACT.

How many lure coursing clubs are there in Australia?

Dogs Australia member bodies have the most up to date information about lure coursing with most member bodies having an all-breeds sports club that runs events. Breed clubs also run events.

Why get into lure coursing?

If you have a Sighthound and enjoy watching them discover and use their instincts and abilities, or if you have other dogs that enjoy a hard chase in a safe and controlled environment, lure coursing is a great option.

Sighthound stream breeds are the Afghan Hound, Azawakh, Borzoi, Greyhound, Ibizan Hound, Irish Wolfhound, Pharaoh Hound, Saluki, Deerhound, Sloughi, Whippet, and Italian Greyhound. Basenjis and Rhodesian Ridgebacks also compete in the Sighthound Stream.

Lure coursing is also a fun sport for breeds that are high energy, independent and have hunting instincts, like terriers. Dogs need to be sound, very fit, and agile to participate.

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