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Herding is complex and very challenging to learn, but well worth the effort!

Working dogs have been relied upon for managing stock in Australia since colonisation.

Around the world, herding dogs have proven to be essential in improving man’s ability to care for livestock. Many herding dogs have working styles very different to the modern stock dogs usually seen in Australia today.

These different herding styles developed in response to local situations and needs.

The Dogs Australia herding program aims to preserve the traditional style, instincts, and trainability of herding breeds.

Herding tests and trials have standardised criteria that a dog’s basic instinct and ability is judged upon. The program also involves the training and education of judges for Herding Tests and Trials.

How long has herding been in Australia?

The Dogs Australia herding program has been established for just over two decades.

What natural instinct does herding bring out?

The Dogs Australia herding program encourages the recognition and preservation of the instinct to gather, drive or tend stock working in harmony with the handler.

What States/Territories is herding available in?

Herding is available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and Western Australia.

How many herding clubs are there in Australia?

Each Dogs Australia state member body has affiliates that conduct Herding Trials. Some are specialised herding clubs while others are breed or performance clubs that promote herding. Some Breed Clubs include herding at their National Shows. National Herding Trials are also conducted.

Why get into herding?

Nothing fulfils the life of a dog bred to work stock more than the opportunity to do so. Dogs Australia’s Herding Program provides opportunities for handlers to train and trial working dogs even if they do not own property or stock. Working stock with a dog bred to do so creates a better understanding of the dog thus enhancing the relationship between dog, stock, and handler. Participation in the program helps to preserve to heritage of herding breeds.

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