For owners

Choosing a Breeder

When buying a puppy it is important to choose a good breeder.

Visit as many breeders as you can to gather lots of information. If you contact the breed club they will help you in your search for a Dogs Australia registered breeder in your area. Alternatively, you can find Dogs Australia dog breeders here.

When you visit a breeder, they should raise healthy, happy puppies and this should be reflected in the condition and temperament of the adult dogs on the premises. Their living quarters should be clean and all dogs should be well cared for. The puppies should also be clean, well conditioned, lively and friendly.

Responsible breeders should show you all the dogs on their premises and may allow you to handle the puppies during visits, although this depends on the age of the puppies and their vaccination status.

The mother ('dam') of the puppies should be in good condition, clean, happy and active. If the father ('sire') lives elsewhere you could ask for the owner’s contact details or to see photos of him.

The breeder will be prepared to answer more in depth questions about the finer details of the breed, what to expect in the adult dog and both the positive and negative aspects of the breed. The breeder will help you with your choice and selection of a puppy and should be willing to provide ongoing support and advice as your puppy matures.

Puppies should not leave their mother and the breeder until they are at least 8 weeks of age. Vaccination records, registration certificates, a copy of the pedigree, microchip details (which is a state government law), a puppy care and diet sheet should be available to you when or before you collect your puppy.

Questions to ask a breeder
  • Can we visit before deciding on our breed?
  • Why did you choose this breed and how long have you been involved with it?
  • Do you have any other breeds or other litters available?
  • If they do not have any litters available, can they recommend another breeder?
  • If we decide on your breed/litter, can we visit regularly before choosing our pup?
  • Can we see the dam (mother) / sire (father) or other family members?
  • Can we see all the litter together?
  • At what age can we take the pup home?
  • When are the puppies, wormed, microchipped and vaccinated? They should have been treated for worms from approximately 2-3 weeks and have had their first vaccination at approximately 6-7 weeks.
  • Are the puppies registered with a Dogs Australia state body?
  • Are there any hereditary conditions in the breed, which may affect the health of the puppy?
  • If there are hereditary problems in this breed, do you test breeding stock and are we able to view any results of those tests?
  • Can we have the puppy checked by our vet before we buy?
  • If any unforeseen conditions arise, can the puppy be returned?

Please note the breeders who appear on the Dogs Australia website are merely breeders that Dogs Australia understands may have litters for sale. Dogs Australia makes no representations as to the reputation of any breeder or as to the soundness or suitability of any puppy you may decide to acquire from any breeder.

Puppy Scammers

Sadly it has become more apparent that puppy scammers are out there in large numbers scamming thousands of dollars from unsuspecting, prospective and often naive people each month.

It is understood that as soon as one scammer site is reported and shut down, another site opens.

If you are seeking a puppy please be mindful and on guard when contacting people advertising puppies for sale. The scam sites have wonderful photos of delightful puppies and paint glowing pictures to the uninitiated, unsuspecting potential puppy owner, particularly on such sites as Gumtree.

Please contact a Dogs Australia affiliated breed club who have people who can provide guidance and direct them to accredited breeders. Ask questions, speak to people - not just send texts or emails.

Dogs Australia members have an obligation as responsible dog lovers and breeders to guide and educate prospective puppy owners in how to tell the difference between a scammer (who in reality is a criminal) and a registered breeder.

Importantly, if you become aware of a scammer you can report them.